Five Oceans, Seven Continents

The world has both land and water. People build cities, roads, and farms on land. From the water, they can get food and a way to travel. Land and water are very important to people.
The world’s land can be divided into “continents”. Continents are very large area of land. People do not always agree on how many continents there are. Some say there are five, while others say there are seven. Usually, though, people say there are seven continents. North America and South America are two. Africa is another. Antarctica is one. Australia is both a country and a continent. That leaves the biggest continent of all: Eurasia. It is made up of Europe and Asia.
Most of the world is covered by water. The water can be divided into “oceans.” Usually, people say there are five oceans. The Pacific Ocean is between Asia and America. The Atlantic Ocean is between America and Europe. The Arctic Ocean lies far in the north, while the Southern Ocean surrounds the South Pole. Finally, there is the Indian Ocean. Can you find it on the map?